House Work, Pizza and Happy Hours

In preparation for Camp Bradley on Labor Day Weekend we have been busy getting everything at my parents' house ready. They finished putting in hardwood stairs, while I decided to take on a new project ... after cleaning the railing on their balcony I figured out a way to make it water proof ... backerboard and a special kind of paint. To start the morning off we had waffles, while after work we dined well ... Papa Murphy's deLite and BBQ pizzas.

We also headed up to the Bradley Lodge, enjoyed some fantastic cookies from Grocery Outlet and did some real work ... found the septic tank pump out area (under about 2 feet of dirt) and shampooed the carpets. Unfortunately we only stayed for a day because of smoke from the Rim Fire near Yosemite. On our way home we stopped at the Lodi Casino for a yummy dinner, I chose Chinse, while my mom enjoyed steak sandwich.

Finally there was some work to do at my house (Fort Bradley) as well. I purchased a new cordless hedge trimmer so that I could cut my ornamental rosemary in the backyard without worrying about cutting an extension cord (yes I have cut many). As a reward I chose to eat well ... Happy Hour at Red Robin with a few friends, waffles for dinner, Cookie Butter and other goodies from Trader Joe's, Chinese from CJF, and used free tickets from American Airlines to see Disney's Planes.


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