Another BBQ, Tahoe and Shopping

After the success of the first official BBQ at Fort Bradley this summer, I decided to have a second BBQ and it was another success. The chicken, bread and ice cream were the same, but I added a salad, complete to toasted almonds (yes, I cut and toasted them). The second BBQ did involve a supply run to Costco, where I got healthy foods ... chicken, carrots, lettuce ... and expensive things, like a new set of knives. All of the extra cookies will be eaten at Camp Bradley this Labor Day.

On Saturday, I met my parents in Rancho Cordova and we headed to the west shore of Lake Tahoe to visit with a group from their church that was camping at Sugar Pine Point State Park. From the campsite we were able to walk to Lake Tahoe, check out the freezing cold water and see the Ehrman Mansion, defintely will be worth a return trip to go through and see what the inside looks like, the outside and the views were very impressive.

On the way back we decided to use a Groupon that my mom had purchased for Sheepherder Bar and Grille, sadly we won't be returning. The food looked great, but tasted horrible ... my medium rare burger was well done, my mom's pasta was lacking flavor until she bit into a whole clove of garlic that would have been great, had it been chopped up and mixed throughout the pasta and my dad's meatloaf was bland. To top it off, I asked for extra mayo (to make the burger edible), after 10 minutes it hadn't come, so I went to the kitchen to get some, I found our server hanging out and the cook was in the dark (this could explain poor food quality).

On Sunday, I went for another 7 mile run, then went to Old Navy to use up some coupons (I felt like I was at Kohl's, I spent $34 and saved $50 ... favorite purchase, a new t-shirt.
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