Anniversary Crashing and Meeting with Friends

After a going away party for a friend who is moving to the East Coast at The Park Ultra Lounge in Sacramento I met my parents for dessert (they had dinner too) at Seasons 52 to celebrate their 42nd Anniversary! Although 41 was celebrated in Barcelona and 30 was in Australia, I think they still enjoyed a nice dinner.

After a few midweek runs, Friday I needed to get out and went to Mikuni's for time with friends and sushi ... I actually had a Bento Box for the first time (at Mikuni), it was really good and quite filling. After being at Mikuni for a few hours we needed a change of scenery and went across the street to Crush 29 for their late night happy hour to enjoy a little more wine (and in my case a few chicken sliders).

Saturday, didn't quite go as planned ... my car battery died, but after getting it jumped by a neighbor I headed to Walmart, had a new battery installed (and ice cream while I waited), then headed to Bayside for church before meeting up with a friend for dinner at Chili's. We decided on dinner for two for $35 ... margarita, Chipotle Chicken Flatbread, main dish (I had Margarita Grilled Chicken) and Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie (it might just beat the Pizookie BJ's).


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