Cooking with The Meritage, Ice Cream and a Birthday

The week started off with a cooking segment on Fox40 with Chef Krisztian Karkus from The Meritage Resort and Spa. He prepared a dish that he will teach everyone to make at next week's "Masters and Makers @ Meritage" ... Seared Arctic Char with Sweet Potatoes, Sautéed Mustard Greens and Tomato Olive Relish. After watching him make it and getting to take home some of the extra ingredients, my mom looked at the recipe and recreated the dish for lunch, simply delicious and one of the best home cooked lunches ever.

I also made time to go out with friends ... Happy Hour at Lucca in downtown Sacramento, dinner and dessert at Mel's Diner in Auburn (a former roommate of mine works there and I never went while she actually lived at my house), a bike ride to check out Folsom Pond (formerly known as Folsom Lake) and more ice cream at Leatherby's.

For Super Bowl Sunday my parents and I went down to my grandma's house in Lodi and took her and my uncle's parents on a drive through the Delta to Rio Vista and Foster's Bighorn. I hadn't been since I was a small child (and I had just been to Disney World so I was waiting for the animals to talk, they never did, I was disappointed evidently). The food was great and the company of "Big Game" was appropriate before watching the other "Big Game" later in the day. Before leaving Lodi we celebrated by grandma's birthday with cupcakes and a cake too ... the perfect ending to a perfect week.
See photos here.


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