Scandal, Running, Moving a Friend and National Margarita Day

Some weeks start off with no plans and then end up incredibly busy. This was one of those weeks. On Monday night I got a text from a friend that invited me to hear Judy Smith as part of the Sacramento Speaker Series. On Tuesday we met at Pronto to have dinner, headed over to Devine Gelateria & Cafe for dessert and then walked to the Convention Center Theater to hear Judy Smith speak about her experience working in the White House, handling crisis PR for a variety of high profile clients and even learning more about the ABC television show, Scandal. Although there wasn't much I learned from her PR wise (hours are crazy, do what's right, manage a crisis, ...), her stories were interesting and I'll have to start watching Scandal on Netflix soon (after I catch up on House of Cards).

On Wednesday I downloaded the new Outback Steakhouse 365 iPhone app and found out the special was a three-course dinner for $11.99. I don't pass up nearly free meals out, so I met a friend at Outback, enjoyed their French Onion Soup, a steak with side of vegetables and cheesecake for just $11.99.

Although it wasn't Outback, I did make enchiladas for the first time as well, a pre-National Margarita Day celebration and an effort to use up the enchilada sauce and olives that I have had in my pantry for awhile. I'm happy to say that they tasted amazing!

There was also running (including jumping over a creek), shopping at Old Navy for additional workout shirts (and the longest receipts ever). I also found time to clean out my closet and celebrate National Margarita Day with friends at Chevys after helping another set of friends move into their new apartment and even tried out some nachos from Taco Bell.

Now ... time to try out Chromecast.
Photos for those on iPads.


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