Good Day Sacramento, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and a Day on the Farm

It was a great week to hang out with friends. It started of with a trip to Good Day Sacramento as Chef Krisztian Karkus from The Meritage Resort and Spa showed how to make "Cured Gravlax with Scandinavian Mustard Sauce and Arugula." After lots of the work I love, by Saturday it was time to get outside and exercise. Some friends and I went to the Sac State Aquatics Center at Lake Natoma. We rented two stand up paddleboards and one kayak and we were off. It was a fun way to spend time, get outside, exercise and learn a new skill (for me at least), stand up paddleboarding. Since we were all in swim suits our next stop was Beach Hut Deli for sandwiches and, for me, beer.

On Saturday night we stopped for McFlurry's (it was 100+ degrees outside) before making our way to the last Sacramento Republic FC game at Hughes Stadium. I wore one of my new shirts, and we found shade, actually staying pretty cool for the entire game as temperatures dropped into low 80s at the end of the game, best part ... our team scored a goal in the 93 minute to tie the game!

Sunday didn't provide much relief to the heat, but that didn't stop me from heading to the Sinclair Family Farm in Newcastle for their "Day on the Farm," and a trip to the gym, Islands Restaurant for dinner with friends and church at the very well air-conditioned, Bayside.
Pictures for those with iPads.


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