Celebrating and Remembering

I do a lot of celebrating in my life and the last couple of weeks have been no different. I went to see and celebrate the future home of Bayside Blue Oaks (it will be nice to have an option for church that is only nine minutes away from my house). Then I headed to the Bay Area to meet my newest nephew, while another one of my nephews knew just what we needed ... a wine shop (we "paid" him, but we had to provide the wine, glassware and open the wine bottle, so he was making a lot of profit).

Back in Napa, I was able to meet up with the team from Visit Napa Valley to show them around The Meritage and enjoy a great wine tasting in the Trinitas Library with them to wrap up our tour. It was time next to celebrate my cousin's first birthday, work with my mom and grandma to hem some pants and then it was time to remember.

I met up with friends to watch the movie Unbroken about Louis Zamperini and to remember what he and many others experienced during WWII. I read the book a few years ago and the movie was a great visual representation of what I had read up to when he comes back to the USA. To hear about and see the rest of the story, we all headed to Bayside for church and to "experience the rest of the story." Louis had endured through nightmares (PTSD wasn't a known condition back then), before going to a Billy Graham event that changed his life and took his nightmares away. Watch the message here
To celebrate friendship we headed to Red Robin for dinner and the next day I knew I had to exercise. I bought some new shoes and took them out for a test run of 7.25 miles before having a healthy dinner at home while watching the Golden Globes
Photos for those with iPads.


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