Slide Show

In preparation for a "Staycation" at Lake Bradley (aka my parent's house) next weekend with family, we headed to the Bradley Lodge this weekend to preview thousands of slides from the 60s. 70s and early 80s all to make a shorter slide show to watch as we sit by the "lake" next weekend and remember the "good ol' days." While at the Lodge my dad also installed a new light fixture in one of the bathrooms and we had lunch at Bristol's in Arnold, where I had to have a sandwich called "The Bradley." We asked the waiter about the name, his response … the crab sandwich was named for a person that frequented the restaurant named Brad who was always "crabby." Back at the Lodge, there is also a new crib (an upgrade from the previous porta-crib) for what will be a new "niec-phew" (aka Luke's "bro-sis") in the coming months.


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