"With Malice Toward None"

I had a great weekend. First on Friday I saw the crew taping an episode of "The Mentalist" near my office and went to a meeting at the Mexican Consulate. Then on Saturday I went with a few friends on what was supposed to be a relaxing bike ride to Folsom Lake ... it was relaxing, but on the five bikes that went, we had four flat tires … my bike had two of them :-)... the important part was that we all had a great time. After our bike ride we headed to Bayside for the Saturday night service before walking around The Fountains and having dinner at The Counter.

Sunday I went with my parent's to see the "With Malice Toward None" exhibit on Abraham Lincoln at the California Museum which although not for kids (like the rest of the museum is), was very interesting and had lots of original letters, drawings and photographs of Lincoln. Some of the highlights for me included an original draft of the Gettysburg Address, drafts of the Emancipation Proclamation and even the autopsy report written after he was assassinated (it had his blood stains on it). If you want to go to the exhibit which ends on August 23rd, I recommend getting there first thing in the morning (9 am), by the time we left around 11 the line stretched out the door and we heard that some of the people who came on Saturday were turned away and came back on Sunday.

After my history lesson, we had lunch, overlooking historical Old Sacramento at a Mexican restaurant, which was pretty good. Then I headed back to Bayside for a leadership meeting (I will be starting a small group on Secondhand Jesus soon) and I stopped by The Hub to buy some stuff to make sure I never get a flat tire again (hopefully).
exhibit picture of "With Malice Toward None" is from the Contra Costa Times.


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