One Week, What a Difference

Although it had been less than five days since leaving the Bradley Lodge those five days made a huge difference. Lots of snow had melted, there was little to no chance of loosing power, Calaveras County had officially been called a disaster area, Highway 4 was open with no chain requirements and the Bradley Lodge welcomed nine less people. All of that said we still had a great time. Jen enjoyed her first trip to the Lodge and her first experience snowshoeing at Big Trees, which although not nearly as white as it was a week prior was still beautiful and awe-inspiring. Back at the Lodge Spud and Tater came back to visit with their parent's, we celebrated two birthday's ... Jen's (which will be on Wednesday) and my Grandma's (which will be on Thursday), played a rousing game of dominoes and of course devoured amazing meals made by my mom and grandma. Thanks to all for another great weekend at the Lodge, this weekend ... dinner with Jen's family for her birthday and hopefully snowboarding on some fresh powder at Sierra-at-Tahoe while the rest of America watches the commercials, I mean Super Bowl.


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