An Expensive Water Bottle

We live in a nation of discounts, deals, specials, coupons, Groupon and more.  We shop at discount and big box stores. We look online to see if there is a better price.  But what about making a difference?  Are we willing to spend a little bit to help someone?  Are we willing to make a difference? Are we willing to change a life?

I got my World Vision Gift Catalog a few weeks ago, I wasn't going to buy anything, money has been tight this year, but then I looked.  I realized that despite money being tight by my standards, I have more than most.  I have water to drink, food to eat, a job to go to, a bed to sleep in.  So I decided to buy the most expensive water bottle and coffee mug of my life.  At $70 each, I know I could have gotten a cheaper one almost anywhere, but no where else can my purchase go to make such a difference.

So what gifts will you give this holiday season? Will your gifts make a difference or will they just end up in the hallway closet? Yes you can give gifts to your family and friends, but you can also make a difference for millions around the world.  Consider buying a water bottle, a goat, a chicken or so much more.  Consider a gift that will allow a village to have clean drinking water, a family to have food to eat, a child to have bed to sleep on. Consider clicking here and making a purchase that will change a life and make an impact on the world.


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