Thanksgiving 2010

In a twist of events, we had more than 5 feet of snow during Thanksgiving 2010, in years past we have been able to enjoy meals on the deck, listen to my brother play the guitar while in the sun and get things done ... like use the chain saws.  This year however the snow blower got a work out, clearing more than 4 feet of snow off the deck when we arrived.  Thursday we enjoyed a game of Thanksgiving Pinochle before dining on turkey and my personal favorite, stuffing.  On Friday Eric and my mom's cousins came up to enjoy the Bradley Lodge with us, we put up the Christmas Tree and we played lots of Wii (bowling, Wii Fit, ...).  Saturday we woke up to snow, played a full round of dominoes and it continued to snow throughout the day and the deck ended up with 15+ inches of fresh powder.  We also ventured outside, using our snow shoes to take a little adventure around the property and fired up the snow blower again just minutes before our snow plow service came to do the rest.


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