A San Francisco Party

I had the opportunity to attend an amazing conference this week with one of my clients, The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa. Each year the US Travel Association puts on a little conference that draws well over 5,000 to learn about the sites, hotels and everything else the United States has to offer travelers from around the world.

Sunday I started my day with a six mile run and then headed off to Vacaville for some shopping.  A hundred dollars later and a few full bags of clothing from the Gap Outlet and Aeropostale Outlet, I headed to my hotel in San Francisco, located just blocks away from the largest convention center I've ever been to, The Mascone Center. When I arrived at the hotel, where I had stayed a few times before, I got unpacked, changed and started my walk to the hotel where my client was staying, the Sir Francis Drake. On my way I couldn't resist stopping in the Gap flagship store and taking a few pictures of the famous San Francisco Cable Cars.  After a glass of wine at the hotel bar it was off to Pier 39.
I had no idea what to expect, what I got was a red carpet entrance to a private party. Every business on the pier was open, offering free food, drinks, entertainment and so much more. It was incredible to see so many people experiencing one of the many treasures that San Francisco offers both locals and tourists.

Picture from @AndrewGHayes
After a fun night on the pier, Monday was all about work. The convention center was filled with aisle after aisle of booths, each putting their best foot forward for the world's travel buyers to see. Check out this story from the San Francisco Chronicle. As a public relations pro, I was there for another reason, to meet with the hundreds of travel journalists who attend the conference. I made connections with everyone from bloggers to editors of key travel and conference magazines to the travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, connections that I would have never been able to make without this conference and that will help me and my client in the future.

I may have missed other parties at the California Academy of Sciences and City Hall, but the time I spent at Pow Wow 2011 was fantastic. I look forward to being able to attend Pow Wow 2012 in Los Angels and Pow Wow 2013 in Las Vegas.


Dave said…
wow, I didn't know you could rent out pier 39
Dave said…
wow, I didn't know you could rent out pier 39
MrAndrewBradley said…
perhaps Facebook can do that for next year's Christmas party. It was pretty cool, although I guess the people staying at our parent's house tried to go an hour or so before the party started and couldn't get in because they were setting up for my private party.

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