This weekend was full of activities, but also very relaxing. Friday I cleaned my house and watched the season premiere of Covert Affairs. Saturday I made a waffle for breakfast then went to the gym and Home Depot. After that I was off to my office to work on two RFPs for a few hours. Next it was off to Bayside Church and Second Saturday. I really do enjoy Second Saturday. I saw a lot of great art and a lot of Sacramento Police officers standing around. It's great that they had a presence at the event, but if you're going to be complaining about budget cuts, it doesn't look good when all you do is talk to each other, get out and talk with the community, walk around, mingle, play "nice cop." After a fun evening, I headed to a friend's house to watch a movie and then spent the night at my parent's house.

When I woke up I cleaned their house (they were at the Bradley Lodge) and started to use their power washer until I burned a hole in the hose, evidently it can't get that close to the engine ... oops. Once back at my house, I went on an 18.5 mile bike ride, saw some beautiful scenery and even got a tour of my cousin's new house while hearing about her new job. My roommates and I went out to dinner at Wing Stop, they were spicy, but delicious.

This week I'm heading to a VIP party for the grand opening of SmashBurger on Tuesday and the Placer Business Tweetup on Wednesday at Roseville's Il Fornaio.


Anthony Cohn said…
Well done weekend. What movie did you watch?
MrAndrewBradley said…
Kate & Leopold, hope your enjoyed Big Trees.

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