New Fence ... Lodi Edition

Before (during demolition)
After repairing and replacing a few fences at my parent's house, giving my dad and I the chance to perfect our technique, we took our show on the road. We headed to Lodi to work on a fence at my grandma's house that hasn't been replaced in 60 years. We started with about two hours of demolition and loading all of the old fence into our trailer, while also cutting a few tree branches in the process.

Once the trailer was full and we got our mess cleaned up it was time to start work on the new fence. The base of the fence is cinder-block, which saved us from having to dig holes and set posts, a huge time savings. We were able to build the frame on top of the cinder-block, securing it to bolts that stuck up from the wall. Next we cut the fence boards and started to build the fence, tall boards on my grandma's side and the shorter boards on her neighbor's side. This allows for both of them to have a finished side of the fence without having to see the frame. We arrived in Lodi around 9 a.m. and were finished by 5:30, which included a quick trip to unload the trailer at the dump.


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