President's Day at the Bradley Lodge

Although there was a serious lack of snow at the Bradley Lodge this year (last year we got five feet while we were there), we had power and found plenty of ways to have a great time. On Friday evening we all enjoyed pizza (cooked in the oven, not on the BBQ for the first time in a few years since we actually had power). On Saturday my grandma taught us how to make noodles for for chicken noodle soup and then went sledding with the kids.

Our chicken noodle soup dinner was spectacular and fed all 16 of us with plenty of leftovers. It also helped as "carb-load" for skiing at Bear Valley on Sunday. Despite Bear Valley having only a few feet of snow we were able to challenge ourselves on a few runs and teach my four year-old nephew how to ski. He did great for his second time on skis and hopefully we will get him out there a few more times next year to refine his skills. We finished our time at the lodge by eating ... Blake and Kara made Carne Asada then Monday Luke and Levi made sugar cookies with sprinkles.


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