Food and Photos at The Meritage Resort

It started off on Wednesday night with tasty food at Siena and Tarla in Downtown Napa, then on Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to work with a really cool photographer, Rex Gelert. Rex specializes in hotels and resorts and it truly showed as we were taking pictures in The Meritage Resort and Spa's 22,000 square foot Estate Cave, specifically Spa Terra. Spa Terra is beautiful in person, but with no natural light (it's underground after all) and dim lighting to set a relaxed atmosphere for guests it presents unique challenges for photographs. Rex was a pro though, using the rooms lights and some that he brought to capture the setting and the mood perfectly in each of the areas we photographed including the Serenity Lounge, Couples Treatment Room, Locker Room and Reception Area.

For our last shot we headed to the brand new Carneros Ballroom to take a picture of the first set table in the room. I cannot wait for the 7,300 square foot ballroom and the rest of the expansion to open in May 2012.


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