Fresh&Easy Sacramento

"Goodie Bag" | fresh&easy
The night before the first fresh&easy stores opened in the Sacramento area I was invited along with other community members, politicians and bloggers to attend a gala at the California Museum. The evening was a good introduction to the retailer's products, a chance to meet some of the staff, including the individual that runs their social media program, and get free merchandise. The stores concept is good and the fact that many stores are located in areas not served by traditional grocery stores is great too. Their main goal is to provide fresh and healthy foods that can be prepared quickly by almost anyone at home or in a microwave before you even leave the store. For people always on the go, like me, this concept could come in handy at least a few times a week. I'm looking forward to going to the new store in Lincoln soon and might frequent their store in Rocklin when it opens.

The above statements are my own opinions, I attended the grand opening gala at the invitation of fresh&easy. The "goodie bag" was given to me at no cost.


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