Hang Up and Drive/The Great Hang Up with News10

Since my blue-tooth went missing (I know where it is, but I cannot figure out how to get it), I decided to take part in News10's obstacle course that proved you cannot text and drive at the same time. I already knew this, but it was fun to take my car through a narrow set of cones while dodging small children, basketballs and random stop signs.  Although I did not knock over any cones or hit any kids I did prove that I cannot type accurately on my BlackBerry while driving (which means I probably should not be trying to type on it in the first place).  The best part (for me at least) I got a free blue tooth courtesy of Yakety Yak in Rocklin, a few News10 key-chains and some other goodies.  So make the pledge, use a blue-tooth while driving (please not when you are walking down the street, that kind of freaks me out) and do not text while driving. Basically when you drive make paying attention to the road your first priority - Hang Up & Drive.

To top off the day I headed to the Sacramento Press/Social Media Club sponsored event entitled "Facebook for the Floundering." Check out the slides, the News10 story or search for #SMCsac on Twitter. A big thanks to Chipolte for providing a tasty dinner as well.


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