Sacramento Capitals and the #SacTweetup

It was a busy day and evening, but for your sake, I will focus on the evening.  First, I attended the SacTweetup at 3 Fires Lounge, part of the Marriott Residence Inn Downtown. I had the opportunity to meet new people and see many of the people that I have developed friendships with through these events, Twitter and other social gatherings, like last week's "Chick-Fil-A Meetup."  In an interesting twist on the standard event, Matt Barnes (basketball player) came to the event and announced in person (before he posted it on Twitter) that he had signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. You would think that would be the top story from the event, but no, after a long campaign led by a few individuals (whom I call my friends) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was unable to make it, saying he was stuck in meetings via Twitter.  He then posted that he would punish legislators if they did not pass a budget by making them watch "Jingle All the Way," that story was picked up by Sacramento's Fox40 and "retweeted" more than 100 times on Twitter by people at the event and around the world.

After leaving the Tweetup a few minutes early I headed out to the Roseville Galleria to see the Sacramento Capitals tennis team take on Springfield Lasers.  Although they did not win, it was great to finally sit in the stands and watch them play (I always seem to drive by when they are playing, in fact last week I was mentioning that I wanted to see them play in person sometime).  On Wednesday I won a pair of tickets through Twitter, so with free tickets and all friends either at church or one of the two Tweetups (there was also a Tweetup at the Sacramento Zoo), my guests were my Blackberry and my camera.  With more than 30 tweets/Facebook posts throughout the evening, a dinner from Noodles and Company, a drink from Tres Agaves and more than 75 pictures taken, I'm not sure how much tennis I actually watched, but it was fun and I was glad there was a breeze (not 100+ like it was last week). In other news, Matt Barnes followed me, had I only known I would have checked to see if he wanted to carpool (p.s. he might have looked at his phone more than I did while there, a sign that maybe another one of my friends has a point).


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