Shane Dwight, Fireworks and a Trek into the Woods

After a busy Friday of picking up my aunt and her daughters at BART in Walnut Creek (they live in Texas and flew into SFO), taking my sister in law to the Sacramento Airport so she could go to Portland and Seattle with my two nephews, and then heading down to Lodi with everyone to pick up my grandma, eat at In-N-Out and head the Lodge, we had a relaxing Saturday morning with a run around the block and hung out at the pool for a few hours.  Later it was time to head to Ironstone to see the Shane Dwight Band, have some wine and of course watch 3rd of July fireworks.

After a late night, it was time to wake up early on the 4th of July to explore the wilderness and experience freedom at its best in California's wilderness.  The trail head was just past Lake Alpine and knowing that our friends snowshoed up the same trail just a few weeks ago, we were expecting mud and snow along the way. After about four miles (2.5 hours) of hiking, crossing streams and rushing rivers, climbing mountains, walking over snow and getting lost a few times, we made our way to the beautiful "Bull Run Lake." There we had a quick lunch, rested our legs, took some pictures and then headed back down the hill (only 2 hours going back).  After a successful hike we headed into Bear Valley Village to see some friends and now we are sitting at the Bradley Lodge getting ready to enjoy a fabulous 4th of July BBQ meal.


Mal said…
Hey Andrew, great blog! Interesting to read about some of the "news" your mom, grandma, and Auntie Lori updated Shari & I on yesterday. Great fish tacos too! Best of luck in the job search. Todd

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