A Visit to the Sacramento Zoo

After mentioning the Sacramento Zoo's Twitter account in a blog post about two weeks ago I decided that it had been a really long time since I had last visited the zoo and with my nephews in town it was a perfect opportunity for me to get reacquainted. Saturday morning we loaded up the mini-van and my sister-in-law, mom, my two nephews (Luke and Levi) and I headed off to William Land Park and Sacramento's zoo.  We walked past Fairytale Town and in the front gate to find flamingo's, the reptile house, birds from around the world, an awesome new giraffe exhibit, a tiger mom and her cub, zebras and so much more.  Luke's favorite part? The train that he got to ride around in and thanks to my Foursquare check-in he got to go on his first carousel ride, he chose to sit on "Nemo." He had so much fun that he even played with his new toy (a truck that carried an elephant and tiger) the entire ride home and once he got back.  Another cool thing, you can now use your cell phone to get a free tour of the zoo, just call, enter the exhibit number and a narration starts to tell you everything you need to know, thank you IKEA for provided this service. The zoo also has some upcoming events: the Sacramento Zoo Tweetup (July 22nd), Twilight Thursdays (until July 29th), an Ice Cream Safari (July 24th) and family overnight safaris.


Zoo Web Keeper said…
So glad you had a good time with your nephews and thanks for the blog!

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