An Accidental Omission? Roseville Galleria Ad Forgets Someone

The Roseville Galleria incident on Thursday proved to be an amazing show of coordination between dozens of agencies.  It only makes sense to thank them, right?  Well Westfield (the owner of the Roseville Galleria) decided to do just that. They asked the Roseville Police Department to compile a list of all agencies that were involved and then purchased a full page ad in today's paper.  To the casual observer the 34 agencies thanked seemed like plenty. The omission? The Roseville Police Department.

There are two basic ways to take this.  The first: They made the list and forgot to add themselves (similar to when you count a group of people and forget to count yourself).  Second: Westfield intentionally left them off the list because they could be the ones that ordered the malls fire suppression sprinklers turned off, meaning a fire that would have caused minor damage to just a few stores, caused major damage to 3/4 of the mall and will close parts of it for months.

Either way it reinforces the need to check the facts, review your work and then have someone else review it, especially before it gets published in the newspaper.  I will admit everyone makes mistakes, but it is incidents like this that serve as great reminders. (note that Newcastle Fire and Twin Rivers School District Police also helped on Thursday, but my scanner could not scan the entire page)


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