"It's My Mall" - Roseville Galleria

Today marked the first full weekend that the Roseville Galleria has been open since the fire that destroyed or damaged a large portion of it.  Although more than half of the stores remain closed, many more seem to open daily and people are returning too.  Many have said that the mall is not just a place of commerce, but is a place that helps build a sense of community.

Today Westfield hosted a community spirit day with a Halloween event for children, stores handed out candy to customers and mall representatives allowed community members to write inspirational quotes on the new (semi-permanent) wall that separates the open part of the mall from the closed portion. After getting my free "It's my mall" t-shirt (this time they remembered to thank the Roseville PD, they "forgot" in last Sunday's Sacramento Bee ad), I took a walk to the far corner of the parking lot to look at all the restoration semi trucks. For now the closest thing to seeing the restoration in progress is looking at the trucks in the parking lot, but one day I hope that the media is allowed inside to see the damage and show how restoration crews do their jobs.


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