From Staining to a Wedding

The weekend started off with a massive project at the Bradley Lodge, my dad and I stained nearly all of the main level siding and everything that could be reached from the roof.  It was a fun project and in the end it turned out great and will help protect the lodge from both sun and snow. Inside my mom and grandma worked to change over the lodge from summer to winter (clothing, sheets and decor).

Late Saturday evening I was officially invited to a friend's wedding on 10/10/10 and helped them find a beautiful hotel for their first night as newlyweds (Thank you Ashlee and The Citizen Hotel). The wedding was in the bride's parents' backyard and was truly beautiful.  The bride and groom radiated with a love and that energy was evident throughout the afternoon and evening. From the ceremony to the reception to dinner and cake it was amazing. It was a great evening to hang out with some friends and see two friends tie the knot to start a life long journey together.


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