Sacramento Mountain Lions and Lincoln Brewster

I've wanted to go to a Sacramento Mountain Lions for awhile now, but never took the time to buy a ticket and go.  With Bayside selling tickets and Lincoln Brewster performing at the pre-game "Fan Fest" and at half-time I decided to attend.  Weather and the World Series seemed to take quite a few people away from Hornet Stadium, but it was still a lot of fun to hang out with a former co-worker who now works for the PR firm in charge of the Mountain Lions, see Lincoln Brewster (from a lot closer than I am used to) and of course watch some football.  Although the Mountain Lions lost in the last seconds of the game, I enjoyed the atmosphere, the Frisbee catching dogs, being on the field for the concert, hanging with the Chick-Fil-A cows, the fireworks, seeing Denzel Washington and the enthusiasm of the fans.  Here's to hoping that tonight's game will not be my last.


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