From a Twitter Rumor to Confirmed by News10 - Roseville Galleria Reopen

It's no secret that I'm a little bit addicted to Twitter, Facebook and the news.  It's also no secret that I have been following the fire and its aftermath closely since it began on Thursday morning.  Tonight around 5:30 I saw tweets from a friend that said she had heard a rumor that parts of the Roseville Galleria could reopen within a week.  I quickly spread that good news, saying that I hoped it was true. After a few minutes I decided to play it safe and post that it was just a rumor, I also sent the information to a friend at News10.  Soon after that the Mayor Pro Tem of Roseville posted on a friend's Facebook page (he's running for City Council) that clean up crews were making great progress, I quickly sent this information to News10 as well. Within 15 minutes of getting the information from me, she had contacted a member of the clean up team and confirmed the fact that parts of the Galleria could reopen as early as Thursday, just one week after the initial incident.
What does this show?  That Twitter is again an amazing source for information and news, but that all information must also be independently fact checked and verified.  By working with reporters and news organizations not only did a rumor become fact, the verified fact aired within 30 minutes of the initial rumor. Great job to all involved in getting this information posted and out to the public well before any other news station, the City of Roseville and Westfield.


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