Easter 2012

It was a busy week and weekend for me. First, I was able to have lunch with friends that I hadn't seen in a while at Smashburger (twice) and The Counter. Friday, I experienced Bayside's Stations of the Cross. These stations allowed me to quietly reflect on what Jesus did for me and take some time to remember what happened 2,000 years ago. Since I was in the area, I decided to stay for the first of Bayside's 20 Easter Services (yes I went to Easter on Friday) supporting five important causes in the Sacramento region and around the world. The service was great as usual and most importantly allowed me to reflect on the sacrifice that was made and the miracle of the resurrection.

After a late night meeting with friends at Yard House, I had the same friends and their kids over for waffles on Saturday morning. Although I was too busy with cooking and hanging out with their seven fabulous kids to take pictures it was fun to have them over. When they left I quickly cleaned my house (although they're good kids, have a total of 11 people for breakfast isn't a clean endeavor) and headed back to Bayside. I was able to staff the Luis Palau Festival booth, letting many people learn about the festival and take promotional materials to let their friends and neighbors know too. As a side benefit I got to meet Luis Palau, so that was cool. When it was time to leave my friend and I quickly checked our phones for movie times and ended up getting to Hunger Games just as the previews were starting.

Sunday I was off to my parent's house, grandma's house and then to a family gathering in El Sobrante. It was fun to watch the kids (a total of six from three families, they're slacking ... I had seven from one family over for breakfast on Saturday) dye Easter Eggs and hunt for eggs in the yard. It was also great to see all of the family, celebrate a birthday and get ready to welcome my niece who is due in just about two weeks!
Easter 2012 at Bayside Church from Bayside Church on Vimeo.


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