Fresh&Easy - My First Visit

some of what I purchased
blueberry pancakes, mixed berries and bacon
After participating in a wine tasting and attending the grand opening gala at the California Museum, I finally made it into an actual Fresh&Easy location today. The store was small (a good thing for me), prices seemed a little high, but I have been impressed with the quality of the foods, so I think that makes up for it, and there was a good variety, especially in the snack department. I really liked the half-price section of items that were about to expire. I ended up with a few salmon fillets and chicken-stir fry. I cooked them when I got home, ate some of the salmon already and will enjoy the stir-fry tomorrow or the next day. Other purchases included more pancake mix (I've been enjoying blueberry pancakes for a few weeks now), frozen fruit bars, peppercorns, a few trail mixes, some chips and my favorite ... two huge blocks of chocolate. The store also had a good selection of wines, including Trinitas Cellars (they have a tasting room at The Meritage Resort and Spa). Beyond shopping this weekend I went to the gym a few times, had fun with friends on Friday night and went on a six mile run. Needless to say, I think I deserved a few pieces of chocolate tonight.


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