Mission Accomplished

One of my clients is Mission Foods (luckily for my eating habits, AugustineIdeas has lots of food clients). Over the last week I was able to officially announce that AugustineIdeas and Mission Foods were working together, we are now their lead shopper marketing agency, but more importantly I made sure to support my client by purchasing Super Soft Tortillas and Mission Tortilla Chips (the strip variety is my preference, but if you like rounds or triangles that's fine too). I started out by having a taco night at a friend's house (I brought the chips and tortillas, they provided the rest of the ingredients). The tacos were fabulous, they were even nice enough to left me take home some of the leftovers, so I had tacos for another day or two.

For the NFC Championship game on Sunday, I invited my parents and some of their friends to Fort Bradley where we celebrated victory in style. Nachos for the appetizer, steak and salad for our post game victory feast, and plenty of wine throughout the day. With the extra steak and nacho toppings, not surprisingly, I made tacos for dinner tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing the 49ers in the Super Bowl in a few weeks and I have no doubt I will be buying a bag or two of Mission Tortilla Chips for some more nachos.


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