The Sunglass Decision

As I was heading up to the Bradley Lodge for Christmas I made a quick stop at the optometrist to look at new sunglasses. I have had an athletic pair for the last five years and just got the lenses replaced, but I thought I needed something a little more professional for the events I attend. With a balance left in my Flexible Spending Account, I figured it was time to shop. I really liked a few pairs at my optometrist, but the price was prohibitive for what I needed and had ($250-$300+). I kept up the search by going to Costco and Sam's Club. I finally narrowed it down to three options at Sam's Club and put it up for a vote. The vote was overwhelming and I purchased the winner last week. I picked them up this afternoon and although I've only put them on once, I already know it was a good decision. Hope everyone that sees me wearing them thinks the same.


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