A Mayoral Press Conference and Groundbreaking

My job allows me to do some pretty cool things. Everything from hangout in Napa to launching a brand new professional soccer team. Today was no exception, for the second time in about a month I was in charge of media relations for a press conference involving Sacramento's mayor, Kevin Johnson. At the beginning of December it was to announce that a USLPRO soccer team would be coming to Sacramento in 2014. Today it was for the official ground breaking of Cannery Place at Township Nine, a new affordable housing community that will be built near the American River, Downtown Sacramento and the Railyards. It was great the see the community, more than 100 community members came to be part of the celebration, and Sacramento's media come out in force to show their support. When the construction is done in late 2014 it will bring new life to a section of the city that I think many had once forgotten.


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