Quick Trip

After lunch at Nubbin's and an amazing salmon dinner, complete with a chocolate pudding meringue dessert on Friday evening, my parents and I made our way up to the Bradley Lodge for a quick inspection of it after it had been rented and to take up a few things in preparation for our large family gathering on President's Day Weekend. On the drive up I finished the Steve Jobs biography, although long and slow at first, it was really good. On the way back I started Team of Rivals, 16 pages of the 944 page book make up the movie Lincoln (I'm really glad I have a Kindle, so that I don't have to lift a 944 page book). We drove through Murphys and ended up having lunch at a diner in Angels Camp. I had a chicken sandwich, while my parents went with hamburgers (my dad's had chili on it, my mom's was on sourdough bread). I then continued my driving up to Roseville to go to church at Bayside, pre-purchased my dinner for next week, a hamburger made by a Bayside volunteer, and decided I should get some exercise (I'd been in the car for 5+ hours), so I ended my night at 24 Hour Fitness with an hour of cardio.


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