Memorial Day, Food, Running, Weddings, Birthdays and Wine

It's been a busy 10 days, which I guess isn't too much different from normal. Work at MrAndrewBradley Communications has been going well. I could always use more clients and work, but I am keeping busy with my normal retainer clients and a few projects from friends and other referrals.

I spent Memorial Day Weekend at my parents house, where in a slight role reversal, I did some of the cooking, including two Papa Murhpy's pizzas (okay, that's not difficult, but I did buy them), waffles and even fended for myself one night with steak and salad. We also enjoyed dinner cooked by KFC and lots of fresh berry pie with ice cream. I did run off some of the calories while enjoying the views of the Sacramento River, a good change of pace from typical runs in my neighborhood.

After a relaxing weekend it was back to the real world, but I still found time to buy new running shoes, celebrate a friend's birthday at Legends and Heroes, had a great meeting and meal at Hock Farm in Sacramento and even attended a wedding reception for a friend who had a destination wedding a few months ago. All that celebrating could only mean one thing ... I had to restock my wine supply while I was at Costco.


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