New BBQ for Fort Bradley

In May 2009 I bought my house, by July my backyard was complete and I had a BBQ. The BBQ started out with a cover, which continually got blown off by the wind and ripped to shreds, needless to say I gave up the fight to keep it covered. I never really liked the design of the BBQ and rarely used it (since 2009 I have refilled the propane tank once). A few weeks ago I decided it was time for to fix the BBQ. It still worked fine, but it needed a new grill and new burner covers. I went to Home Depot and bought the parts, $80 worth. On the way home, I realized that was a lot of money for a BBQ I didn't like. I thought more and decided it was time to sell the old BBQ on Craigslist, then use that money and what I was going to spend on replacement parts to buy a new BBQ that I actually liked. Less than 24 hours after posting the BBQ, I had an offer and shortly after that I had $60 in cash and an empty spot in my backyard.

I did some online research, went to Home Depot and then ended up at Walmart where I purchased a new, three burner gas BBQ, cover and 2-year extended warranty for $160, so in essence I had a new BBQ for $20 that I actually liked. Within 90 minutes I had taken it out of the box, put it together and tested it, luckily for me, I didn't have any extra pieces and it worked.

Today,  I headed to Fresh & Easy to buy wine for a Taste & Tweet event they are having tomorrow night. While I was there I stopped by their prepared foods section (best part of the store) and found a mixed grill option with hamburgers, sausages and marinated chicken, plus a package of marinated chicken that was on sale. I bought both and cooked the chicken on the grill tonight. Not only did the grill work perfectly, the chicken nearly fell off the bone and into my mouth it was so tasty. Now my hope is to start replacing my typical Costco or Sam's Club rotisserie chicken with freshly BBQ'd chicken at least half the time. It might end up being a little more expensive, but it tastes good and BBQ'ing is kind of fun. Maybe I'll eat outside on my new patio table too.


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