Father's Day and Horseshoes at the Bradley Lodge

This Father's Day my family, including my nephews and niece, met at the Bradley Lodge for a relaxing weekend and to finish a project that my dad has wanted done since the lodge was purchased five years ago .... the horseshoe pit. We had done most of the design and construction on one of our last trips, but this time, we filled in the pits with wood and dirt, connected all the railroad ties with re-bar and threw the first "ringers."

There was also plenty of food and wine, I brought an assortment of Krispy Kreme's after my grandma mentioned over Memorial Day Weekend that she had never had one and brownies, while others decided to bring healthier dining options (vegetables, meat, etc.). For Father's Day we headed to the Big Trees Village Rec Center for a pancake breakfast that was amazing, not just because someone else did the cooking, but because sitting in the forest is always awe-inspiring, even if you're with 80 to 100 of your closest neighbors (it also helped that dads were free, kids were $1 and other adults were $5, we fed eight for $17, try doing that at iHOP or Denny's.

The entire trip went smoothly, until I got back to Sacramento and started to drive home ... it was then I noticed I forgot my backpack which had my laptop, iPad and iPhone charger. After a 4 hour detour I was back home with all of my bags (it actually was a nice drive and didn't seem to take that long at all).


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