I had two events planned this week. A live shot with Chef Mike Collins from The Meritage Resort and Spa at Fox40 on Tuesday and the IABC/AMASV mixer at Lounge on 20, Wednesday night. It wasn't going to be too exciting, I was going to catch up on reading, relax, sleep lots and maybe get a few runs in over the weekend.

Plan = gym, work, home
Actual = gym, work, Jars of Clay concert at Bayside with Andrew Ripp and Dave Barnes, got email asking me to take over media relations for Convoy of Hope

Plan = gym, work, watch a movie, read
Actual = gym, work, Convoy of Hope media outreach, trip to OMG Yogurt for pumpkin froyo, dinner at Burgers and Brew, Matt Nathanson concert at Ace of Spades

Plan = sleep in, clean house, run, church, read, watch TV
Actual = woke up early, did media outreach for Convoy of Hope, cleaned house (more than I thought), got $14.91 at Coin Star by trading in my pennies, nickels and dimes in, church, talked to neighbor, put out Halloween decor, watched TV

Plan = sleep in, go to the gym, run, read, watch TV, blog
Actual = went to my parent's church, grocery shopping, got a haircut, got gas, ran, read, wrote blog and will be watching TV shortly

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned and that's what makes it so amazing.


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