Fall Organization at the Bradley Lodge

First, the Bradley Lodge has changed management companies. It is now available to rent through Cedar Creek Realty. All you need to do is call them and they will personally book your stay. If you know my family or me, just contact us and we'll help too.

This weekend was my first time at the Bradley Lodge since the Fourth of July ... yes it had been more than three months! Normally we focus on the outside of the lodge: painting and staining, replacing the deck, clearing the property of pine needles, etc. This time we focused on the often unseen storage areas and the garage. These are the areas that we keep some of our stuff throughout the year that is not accessible to people that rent. There's nothing too exciting, so don't bother trying to break in. It was a great opportunity to throw away some boxes, get some of the holiday decorations better organized and we even made it easier to turn on and off the water, by removing a piece of wood, adding a step and most importantly adding an extra light.

Beyond work, we played dominoes (I won, scoring 200 points less than the person in second place), pinochle (I think we tied in wins/losses), went to the new doughnut shop, ate some great food and played lots of Words with Friends on my new iPhone 4s. To cap off the weekend and get ready for winter we also placed our new snow and rain gauge out on the deck. Now we can more accurately measure up to four feet of snow (we previously used a yard stick).

(snowshoes are in the bags hanging from the wall)


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