SacProSoccer Becomes the Sacramento Republics!

After helping with the initial launch of Sacramento's new USL PRO Soccer team in December, the talk started to become reality yesterday as the team announced their new name and two soccer games were played in front of a sell-out crowd at Raley Field - more than 14,000. I no longer work with the team (my former company continues to do a great job though), so it was great to sit back, relax and enjoy the games as a spectator, the Sacramento All Stars team even included a childhood/family friend of mine ... Elliot Chambers, #19.

Between the All-Star game and the International game the team announced their name and showed off their crest for the first time, Sacramento Republic FC, very cool and looking forward to seeing it on jersey's, t-shirts, bumper stickers, scarves and everything else around town in the coming months and years. With some luck and with the support of the community the Republic FC team could move seamlessly from USL PRO to MLS in a few years too.

My dad is a huge soccer fan, so he really had fun seeing the pros plan in person, versus on TV, and it was made better by his giant can of Tecate and the largest hot dogs (Dinger Dog) I have ever seen (and eaten), they made the ones at Costco look like they were a kid's meal. After the game I took my car in for a late-night car wash and then this morning I had to run off a few of the calories from the hot dog and garlic fries ... it doubled as an opportunity to check out the construction going on a mile or so from my house.


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