The Final Fence at Camp Bradley and a Few Garage Sales

This is blog post 430, eight of those have been about building fences, one for the fence at my grandma's house, the other seven were building four of the five fences that surround my parents house, aka Camp Bradley. The final section was one of the hardest and the longest at approximately 130 feet, with climbing roses on 1/3 of it. Luckily for us, we continued our tradition of buying pre-fabricated fence panels, meaning we just had to do the fun part (demo) and the hard part (dig three-foot deep holes, put a post in and add cement). After the post was in, we brought over a panel and simply screwed it into place. Had one hole not taken more than five hours to dig (tree roots aren't always in the best spots), we probably could have finished sooner, but a few challenges are to be expected. Now, after five years of building, it's done and we even had some amazing Chinese pastries brought over by the neighbor.

There were also two garage sales while we built the most recent section of fence. We had one at Camp Bradley last weekend, I brought donuts, after all, what's a garage sale without a dozen Manley's Donuts? We then took the leftover items to my grandma's house for a final sale, and to use her coupon for taking a whole lot of old fence sections to the Lodi dump for free.

To celebrate a job well done, when I got home my roommates and I made Oatmeal Chocolate/Butterscotch/Heath Bar/Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, I turned one into an ice cream sandwich that was incredibly tasty.


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