Andrew's House, Day 3

Well it has been about 3 days since I signed all of the paperwork to get the process started on owning my first house. It was a busy day, first I worked from home, then went to the bank to get a cashiers check to officially say, I'm going to buy the house, then I met my Pulte agent to give it to him, luckily he was downtown, so it was easy. While I was meeting with him I scheduled a phone call (that will be on Tuesday) to talk to my mortgage counselor and I got all of my financial documents and everything else they needed faxed to their office in Denver. Oh, and I worked a lot while all that was happening. Next I rushed up to the new house to take about a hundred pictures (some are below) and get some measurements taken. While I was doing that I had my first house guest, Kara, (cousin) came by for a tour, so that was fun to show off the new place already. Once all of that was done, it was off to Bayside for a Thrive 2009 volunteer meeting.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less crazy.


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