My First Place

So I went to look at houses and ended up liking one and signing papers. It was a good thing too, because about 5 minutes after I started signing papers another person tried to buy it, but since I was already in the process of buying it, I won. The other person decided to buy a bigger version in the same development, so I guess they are happy too.

Anyway, it's a new home, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms and somewhere around 1800 square feet. It has an HOA, so that will take care of the front yard, I will just need to put in and take care of a small backyard. The pictures below show some of the house right when construction was being finished and a few that I took yesterday. I hope to be back up there tomorrow to take more pictures of all of the rooms and then I'll post those.

I close (if all goes well) in mid to late May and can move in anytime after that, although I would like to paint some of the walls first. Between now and then, I get to buy furniture and get ready for my first place!

If you know of anyone that wants to rent a room, let me know, I will have two rooms available beginning in mid-June or early July.

PS ... the house needs a name, similar the "Bradley Lodge," so if you have an idea, let me know.


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