Fire Safe?

It was a busy weekend, first it snowed on Friday morning while my mom and grandma were at the Lodge and then they had dinner at the Girard's while my dad and I hooked up the trailer and headed to the mountains. On Saturday I did media outreach for Earth Day and went to ACE Hardware then it was back to the Lodge to clean up our property for fire season.

After only 1 1/2 days and 3 trailer loads of pine needles and oak leaves, we seem to be fire safe, a far cry from the 19 we hauled away last year over the course of many weekends with lots of help from friends. We will probably still do some minor clean up further out on our property throughout the summer, but for now we should pass the fire inspection. We also got some of the deck furniture out from our below Lodge storage areas and started to install our new hardwood stairs, a project that should get finished on Mother's Day weekend.
ps ... The sold out (and then some) Thrive 2009 with Nick Vujicic, Franklin Graham, Francis Chan, Lincoln Brewster and so many others starts on Thursday @ Bayside! Photo highlights from 2008.


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