Tea Party

Well, I'm not really a big fan of drinking tea, although having "high tea" at about 40,000 feet over the Atlantic in the first class cabin of a United Airlines 777 on my way back from Europe was pretty cool.

Today the California State Capitol played host to a crowd of approximately 6,000. They were protesting taxes, the government and just about everything else they could think of, with a variety of hand-made signs in all shapes and sizes. Supposedly Sacramento's TEA party ("Taxed Enough Already") was one of the largest ones in the nation and that brought FOX News' Neil Cavuto out to film live from the event. Although I did see a few "tea bags" hanging from signs, I'm sure the original tea party had a lot more tea on hand, this one had a Coca-Cola Zero distributor, so at least the caffeine theme was kept alive.

Pictures include the view of the crowds from my office, the Capitol Parking Garage (full of cars all the way to the roof), random signs (some of which were pretty funny or witty), police on horses and snipers on the Capitol roof, and a crowd of nearly 6,000 on the West Steps/Lawn of the State Capitol.


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