I Ate, I Ran, I Conquered

It's probably getting a little old and I should probably just call this a food and fitness blog, but pretty much all I do is eat and workout.

This week was pretty mellow until I went to Napa on Thursday for a meeting with the Napa Valley Destination Council. Before the meeting I met with the individual who runs the Twitter account for the Napa Valley Film Festival to give her some ideas on how to continually improve based off of some tricks that I have used in the past to engage with others. After the Destination Council, held in The Meritage Resort and Spa's new Carneros Ballroom, The Meritage hosted another spectacular reception with short ribs, foie gras (gotta get it while you can in California), oysters and wine (I was driving back, so no wine for me).

Friday night I headed to Crush 29 for Happy Hour and dinner with friends. I didn't know that they had such a great Happy Hour menu, it could be one of my new favorites (wine and apps for $5 each). Then, of course, there was running and going to the gym. During this weeks three five-mile runs I saw some goats being used for fire control (they eat the vegetation), so that was little different at least.


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