Weekend of Food, Laughs and Fun

My weekend started off on the right foot when my office closed early. A friend and I headed to Sacramento's Hyatt Regency to try a hamburger with peanut butter that I had read about in SacTown magazine.  The hamburger was amazing (keep in mind I am slightly addicted to peanut butter). We also ordered the asparagus fries, deep fried pickles and a chicken quesadilla.

Once we were in a food coma we headed to KBAR for a pre-show drink where we sat next to a few reporters and producers for Fox40, proving you never know when you might have an opportunity to network. After a quick drink we headed to the Cosmopolitan Cabaret to see Triple Espresso. The show was fantastic and was the first time I had seen Bob Stromberg with his main show (I have seen him a few times before at Bayside and First Covenant in his solo act). Although the original cast is gone now, I understand the next cast, performing the same show, is equally impressive and the show runs through July, so take your friends and head downtown to laugh.

Saturday morning I ran off some of the calories and headed to the American River for my first ever float down the river. Yes, it's true, I've lived in Sacramento for nearly my entire life and had never rafted from Sunrise to River Bend Park. The rafting trip with Epic Life was great, gave me an opportunity to hang out with a few friend's I've known for years and the opportunity to meet some new people too. To my surprise not only did we all survive the trip without injuries, I survived without my phone for about five hours (sorry, that means no pictures from the river).

Sunday I headed to the Rock of Roseville with a friend, where to my surprise the high school group washed my car during the service (one less chore to do this afternoon) so that was nice. After church service number one I was off to Taco Bell to try the Doritos Loco Supreme. I'm not really a Taco Bell person, but it looked interesting and I needed food, so I tried it. It was good, although a little soggy, if they could work on that I might have it again. Chicken instead of "mystery meat" would be a good option too. With some food in me, I went to Bayside to check out the progress on the set for Breakaway (their kid's summer program) and hear another great message. Before heading home to do laundry and some house cleaning I stopped at the gym for a quick workout to work off the Doritos Taco and all of the other food I had over the last few days.


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